Friday, July 27, 2012

Google Code updated with patches and downloads

Our google code page  has been updated with the following items:

  1. The svn repository contains all the patches and build stuff I used to build the packages from source.  I'll have a separate blog post about building all the utilities very soon.
  2. BT5 .deb packages for all of the pass-the-hash utilities mentioned in our talk yesterday plus a bonus package of the command line tool 'curl' that has been patched for PTH support.
  3. A Windows version of PTH Firefox from ESR 10.0.4.  I know that 10.0.5 is out, but I can't find my build of it.  I'll work on getting it built soon(tm) and uploaded to the website.

Soon to be here:

  • Slides / demo vids - I want to go back and do a more in depth demo of the various tools, so I will probably be re-recording the demos with voiceovers.  We'll see how my ambitions fare in a week or 2...
  • Blog entries on building and installing the packages - I've received interest in having the packages build on a different linux platform than BT5.  I don't think this is going to be a major challenge, but will require some retooling of VMs and scripts and whatnot...
  • Our PTH Rosetta stone which maps common Windows command line tasks to their Samba equivalents
  • Blog entries on the various tools detailing their common uses.

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