Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Breaking News! PTH Suite Now in Backtrack!!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of @purehate_, the PTH suite is now available in the Backtrack repositories.  I had a minor issue installing, so I'll walk through the steps I went through to debug the issue.  YMMV.

To install:

1) run "apt-get update" to update the package list on your local computer.
2) run "apt-cache search pth-suite".   If you see something similar to :

   then all you need to do is "apt-get install pth-suite" and it will install.

3) If you do NOT see the listing for it, then you will probably need to add the testing repository as a  source for apt.  Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to look like this:

On my backtrack dev machine, the line beginning with "deb http://source" was commented out.  In that case simply uncomment out the line, save the file, and rerun steps 1 and 2.  If you have additional problems, lemme know and I'll see how I can help out.

To Utilize the New Tools:

The executables are located in /pentest/passwords/pth/bin.  If you want to use then automagically, then consider modifying your PATH to put this path first.  Consider appending the following line to /root/.bashrc if you find yourself using these utilities consistently.  IE:
# export PATH=/pentest/passwords/pth/bin:$PATH

Keep in mind that there could be Samba executables in your normal path.  Use the 'which' command to see what path is being used for a particular binary.

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